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Digital Strategy

Realm Media Group - An exclusive Digital Marketing, Talent and Influencer Management agency based in Las Vegas, specializing in Influencer Marketing, Brand Strategy and Social Media Management. Our services include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Content Creation, Content Marketing and Blogger Brand Management.




Are you spending time, energy and creativity into creating content for your blog posts or building a website, and still have no traffic?  With millions of websites competing for online attention, if you aren’t implementing the right SEO practices, you are losing out. We work to fully optimized your content and blog posts to rank on all the top search engines, and create an SEO strategy that works best for you and your brand. We start by doing an overall website audit and work on link building, keywords, domain authority, load times and guide you on how to write better ranking copy. When your site is fully optimized you will being to organically receive steady traffic,  grow your following and reach new customers. We know how hard you work on building and creating your own unique content, and we understand that it’s vital to your brand to have an audience to read it. We will work with you to target your ideal audience, increase your pageviews and boost your rankings that will quickly lead to revenue.

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Social media marketing has become an everyday focus for a brand to succeed. Having a detailed and targeted strategy to attract your key, demographic audience by providing them the content they need to be enticed, is mandatory.  Whether you are trying to sell a product, service or build brand awareness, it’s imperative to treat each social media platform as its own separate entity. Instagram, Instastories, IGTV, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. all require their own distinct strategy. Our end goal is to reach and influence your ideal customer to take the action you want them to take by guiding them to do so.  We create a social media marketing strategy that grow your following, create brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your website. We also monitor your campaigns, audience and analytic reports on a monthly basis and provide detailed reports on what’s working and determine what changes can be made improve. When it comes to social media trends and algorithm, we keep you up to date on current trends, what is working and where you can improve.



As your business grows, it becomes necessary dedicate a someone to manage your social media content. The more tasks you can hand over to a trusted partner, the more you can focus on running and building your business. Keeping up with posting on all of your social media platforms, trying to decide what to post, when to post can easily be overwhelming and eat up your time. We manage and setup your online presence by identifying your brand’s voice, creating custom, compelling content and engaging with your followers to increase your visibility on your Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Content is #1 and Engagement is #2, and every post should have a purpose and bring value to your audience.  

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Content Creation + CONTENT MARKETING

Content, Content, Content!  We know you’ve heard it a billion times before, but it really is the key to online marketing.  Whether you are selling a product or service, quality visual content is what will attract your ideal customer.  The goal is the sale and brilliant, brand awareness is what will help seal the deal. When you are creating the right type of content for your audience, your investment is well worth it.  If you don't have the time to tell your story, our team can help.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship between your target audience and your brand. Social Media Marketing is needed to convey your brand presence, but combined with email marketing it will help convert that lead into a click or sale.  Our team will handle everything from designing and writing your mobile-friendly, branded email templates, creating call-to-actions, managing your subscriber database and installing your automation newsletter processes.