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 Do you offer Influencer Brand Management where you just take a commission?

No. There is too much work to put in with setup to just work on commission only. We offer a small package, with a higher commission to try and accommodate with different budgets. And as you can see in the rates + services pdf attached, the cheaper the retainer, the higher the %.


Can I do a trial period with you to see if I like it?

Unfortunately we can’t offer that. Our contracts are 6 month minimum.


How fast will I make money? And how much?

Clients typically start to see the full potential around month two. For example one of our newest clients doubled their income in the first month but then increased by 500% in the second month. We do not have control over the brand or campaign, therefore we cannot guarantee any average amount of income. We do promise to work on securing as many sponsorships for you as we can.


Who are your clients?

Mentioned below is my portfolio where you can see the brands I’ve worked as well as on the Realm Media Group website. However, our influencer clients are confidential. This is at their request and ours. Some are bloggers and some work in the entertainment industry, so we cannot disclose that info.  


Do you take a % of affiliate commission?

No. We simply take a percentage off the deals we land for you via influencer networks or brand deals that we seek out and negotiate for you that come to you.


Do you decide my rates?

Yes and no. We take into consideration what you are currently making and either raise or lower to meet the going rate, based on your audience, engagement and content.  We have never lowered the rates of our clients, though, only raised them. We don’t just look at numbers, we look at the time and effort you put into your content as well. There are several factors, but overall we are familiar with what brands are looking to pay and if we think we should be a bit flexible on a deal, then we will be. Growing your brand and income are our focus and getting what you are worth and deserve, is our #1 priority.


Do you control my inbox?

No. We do not take control over your personal email. We do it 2 different ways. You forward inquiries to us here at Realm and we reply back to the brand on your behalf. We also set up a new email where we both have access and that email is usually the one where we sign you up on influencer networks so we don’t miss out on campaign opportunities, updates, etc.

more random thoughts from Bree..

Overall, the biggest thing I tell my influencer clients is to just focus on content. Get creative, brainstorm, write, shoot, style, get inspired and create content as often as possible. Let us work on landing you campaigns and sponsorships, you continue to have killer content for us to show off. We work on a personal level, so we can pitch on your behalf. Every blogger is unique and it’s our job is to showcase you in the best way possible.

For bloggers that might not know me personally, I invite you to get to know me a bit more on my ABOUT page and see the brands I’ve worked with on my PORTFOLIO page. I’m a HUGE advocate on transparency, as we all should be as bloggers. So, here’s the truth. I’m 41, been an entrepreneur my entire adult life and I’m going on my 11th year as a blogger. People know me as an “OG” in this industry and I’m respected by both brands and bloggers for my expert knowledge. After many years of consulting and teaching brands how to work with bloggers, last year I realized that the bloggers needed me more, so I started hosting workshops and offering coaching sessions. We quickly realized that there was still a need to help bloggers where the needed it the most and that was landing sponsored deals. With all that being said, at my “old age” I don’t have time or energy to waste anymore. I’m very selective in who I take on as a client and I expect professional bloggers that can deliver great content on a consistent basis and on time. The idea that I would waste my time or my team’s time on helping an influencer land a deal if I didn’t think we could deliver, is simply not an option. My name is my brand and my brand is everything to me. I have thousands of brand contacts and have built solid brand relationships throughout my blogging career so I hold the bar pretty high. We take on your brand and protect it as our own. ...and don’t be surprised when you hear me from time to time, sound like a proud mama bear too, because trust me that will happen!