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Welcome to the onboarding process.

Thank you for choosing Realm Media Group. We are super excited to be working with you in growing your brand! Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability so we can get to know you a bit more.

The information we are requesting is to be used to create new accounts with influencer networks. If you are new to this process, the networks require you to connect your blog and social media platforms so they can see your analytics. Your private and personal information is 100% secure and protected with us. We only apply to influencer networks that we know and trust as well. We take your privacy very seriously and never share anything with any outside parties.

WHAT TO EXPECT: After we receive your submission form, we will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a call (if we haven’t already done so) to go over more specific details as to what brands you are/aren’t interested in, type of campaigns and brand deals, set your rates, etc. 

COMMUNICATION: We will be communicating with you via your preferred method of contact and availability. We are available Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm (pst) for questions via email at: If we are unavailable during this time, we will respond within 24 hours. We will communicate mostly via google spreadsheet and email.   

TIMELINE: Although we will have your personal information to apply and pitch for campaigns, there will be campaigns that need your personal and creative touch. Many campaigns ask for specific answers like “how will you style our xyz product” or “please give us some examples of past content you have created that is similar”, we do the best of out ability to answer these questions for you, but when we request a customized response from you, you will find it in our shared google spreadsheet. As we start the process, we will find a rhythm and routine that works best for executing these tasks as needed.

Please mark the type of deliverables you are interested in providing:
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*The information you are submitting will be kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions please contact us at