Bree spent the first part of her career designing and building costumes for television, film and stage. After moving to Denmark and being exposed to European fashion, she was inspired to start writing a fashion blog. In 2008, her skills as a Wardrobe Stylist on set, soon turned into a full time online business. Bree began partnering with both global brands and local businesses as an influencer and those partnerships soon led to in-house brand consulting on content creation, design and marketing campaigns.  

When Bree isn’t practicing her workaholic behavior, she likes to unwind with Lucy, her canine best friend and a mojito.  Some of her passions include designing, baking, swimming and netflix binge-watching.  Bree is very passionate about empowering other others to follow their dreams and you might find her teaching creative entrepreneurs how to build and grow their business, like a boss. She is also an advocate in supporting local dog rescues.

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Chris spent several years managing in the retail industry, only to find out he had a love for dapper style, but his real talents were going to waste. Promoting for nightclubs and rock concerts on the side, suddenly became more stimulating. As the digital world expanded, musicians and influencers began requesting his advice on marketing, design and overall brand aesthetic. His skills include web design, graphic design and knowing everything tech related from sound to analytics and seo.

Outside work, Chris is both a podcast binge listener, art collector and closet comic book nerd. He enjoys daily sweats at the gym, gourmet cooking and watching Simpsons re-runs.  His love for travel usually takes him to music festivals, flea markets or Michelin starred restaurants.  Although if you are looking for the best bacon-maple doughnut in the country, he can gladly guide you.  His snobby sense of food should have led him to writing his own food blog, but instead he prefers to produce awesome events and design.





Lucy's first year of life wasn't so grand, but it quickly took a turn for the better after she was rescued.  She is always happy and often very spoiled, but remains humble.  We like to think that rescue pups are the best kind of pups!  If you visit our headquarters, you will always be greeted with a wag and smile. 

Unfortunately Lucy doesn't answer the phone (due to the opposable thumb issue), but she will lead you into our offices, wiggly butt and all.  She dislikes fireworks and the vacuum cleaner, but enjoys belly rubs, peanut butter treats, snuggle time and afternoon napping.